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'This Is What A Truck Driver Came Back To From His Break

The Trucker was busy placing choc blocks with door open and guess who jumps in, luck would have the wind blow the door close and this monkey jumping up and down then managed to lock the doors.

After 5 hours driver managed to get truck open and by then the monkey passed out from the heat, Africa is full of surprises you have to admit, there is no place like it.

The truck driver was quite surprised after he came back from the truck stop stores to discover that inside his cabin there was a monkey that was lying down and enjoying the shade from the sun, the African heat had drawn him out and forced him to seek shade inside the vehicle and the driver found him inside.

The incident has been received with a lot of laughter from social media users, who have also come out to share their experiences of monkeys at one point or another.

It seems like a trucker’s job is never out of adventure and wonder along the road because you can see that a lot of things are just happening, one has to wonder what is going on in the country for these truck drivers to be living such eventful lives, but of course the truck drivers are also experiencing a lot of problems on the road.

Especially the truck hijackings and leverage that they go through when they are asleep, throughout the night perpetrators of crimes are known to steal anything from truck drivers from diesel, to tires and to the whole truck.

In this incident the truck driver merely found a monkey laying down inside his truck which is quite different but it is something that is not expected, and yes it is out of the ordinary but members of the public have to take into account the fact that we’re in Africa which is filled with all kinds of creatures.

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