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Theft robbery

Thieves who tried to break in, had their plan ruined after the family 's dog chased them out

Crime is one of the country's biggest challenges, all kinds of crimes ranging from petty crimes, such as robberies, theft, house break-ins to serious crimes such as murder, hijacking, fraud and rape are crimes that are committed everyday.

Robberies and house break-ins are targeted at houses that look big and beautiful, criminals do all they can to gain entrance into such houses.

A group of criminals's plan to break into a Durban home ended very bad, after the family's pooch chased them away. The family's pooch sent them packing immediately after they jumped into the premises.

A video of the incident went viral on social media, where four men jumped into a home through a boundary wall, two got in and two where about to get in when the family dog ran to their direction and chased them out to the same direction that they came in. The two who were outside did not even jump in, while the two that jumped into the premises returned outside very fast.

One was seen being chase out by the dog until he left the premises. Nothing could have prepared them for what awaited them on the other side of the fence, seconds after they jumped into the premises they were sent packing.

Here are screen shots of the video below:


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