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VIDEO: A lady from Thwadi lifestyle in Limpopo is giving Total station workers money to buy drinks

A lady from the Thwadi lifestyle is giving people money at a filling station because she is feeling generous. She is not just living the soft lifestyle and does want to share it with other people or simply give them something. She gave everyone at the filling station some cash and said they could buy themselves a cold drink. That money she gave them will cover other things as well.


One bottle of a cold drink cannot cost about ten notes of different figures. When you give more, you will also get more. That is how many are getting to have more money and they are being generous at all times when they have some cash or anything. You are not being stupid by being a person who gives when you have something.

Because some people will think that you are not able to peak up being used, only to find that you are that person who gives when you have something and feel like sharing a bit of it. But what is beautiful about the Thwadi lifestyle is that they are encouraging others to have a better lifestyle and they should have to go with God and pray.


It is pressure and that is why some people choose to stealing or robbing because they also want to live better. Other people are not participating in foundations made by other people and they want themselves to have their donations direct to the person or family. Some people are doing it in private and they don't want to be seen on social media changing someone's life, because they are doing it for that person.


Good luck to Thwadi lifestyle for their beautiful lifestyle and helping other people with something they can. When you are sharing something with anyone and with life, you are going to get something back from a different person while not expecting it. What goes around, comes back around in a different form. Be a good person like Thwadi's lifestyle.

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