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Opinion; This Is Why Some Black People Will Never be Sucessful in Life, See here

After apartheid, South Africa became an independent country. Beginning was the norm, for many people, when it came to building a family. Only a handful of people have managed to do this so far. Too often, black people remain among the poor.

 I believe that poverty is exacerbated and that people do nothing.

 The two pictures below are the same.

 This is a group of black people who spend a lot of money just drinking alcohol and meat at night.

 This can be used to invest money or other resources that would benefit future generations. The truth is, I mean more than 100,000 on alcohol alone.

 Colonialism and slavery have left a lasting impression on our thinking. It is difficult to understand how it can be impossible to afford to buy things for a very long time. However, we should not blame ourselves for this. The meaning of doing good is human.

 White people can't afford to spend as much money as African Americans.

 For blacks, having a larger size, more volume, and higher quality in general is essential, especially when it comes to cars, seats, and living space.

 But, in any case, they have no way to work.

 Tell me your thoughts on this.

 Honestly, I believe that is one of the reasons we have not progressed in our quest as black people. Would you like to leave a comment below for us to discuss?

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