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Taxis Are Being Burnt Again, But This time in Jozi

Date: 16/10/21



Last week South Africans got to witness horrible violence that took place in Eastern Cape. More than 12 taxis were set alight by Somalians who were fighting against the violence of taxi drivers. This started an all out war between the Somalians and the taxi drivers and many people lost a lot from this war. On Saturday, morning of the 16th of October, more taxis were burning in the streets of Johannesburg but this time around it is a whole different story.


It is reported that in the streets of Johannesburg, a couple of Texis have been burnt and some violated. This whole thing lead to a building catching fire due to the taxis that are being burnt. So far, the exact number of the taxis that were burnt has not been released but it is believed that more than a couple of them have been destroyed. This time around, however, it is not because of any Somalian nationals but it is taxi driver violence.

The taxi drivers and owners in and around Johannesburg are fighting against each other for territory. They have burnt each other's taxes and destroyed them in hopes of one will be able to win the territory against the other. This of course is something that happens on a daily in the city of Johannesburg.


This time around there are no foreign nationals to blame for such violence and in a way it proves how violent taxi drivers can get even towards themselves. The whole of South Africa was quick to blame the foreigners for the violence that erupted in Eastern Cape but when you closely watch the behaviour of taxi drivers, you can see that they are somewhat always in the centre of the violence. Now innocent people are caught in a building full of smoke because taxi drivers decided to be violent on a Saturday morning.

What is your take on the matter at hand? Why do you think taxi drivers are pulling each other's dicks is so early in the morning?

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