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Sh0cking: Female student arrested for beating a classmate to death because of this


More tears are pouring out these days, people are dying like never before, some die a natural death while others die in an unusual way. Others they do because of covid and other deseases.

Schoolgirl Murdered A 17-Year-Old Boy For Sneaking Into Their Dormitory At Night: Female students allegedly thrashed a 17-year-old student at Gathiruini boys secondary school in Kiambu County, Kenya, for trespassing into their dormitory at night.

It is revealed that at about 4 in the morning on Thursday the 21st of October, the form 4 student and five others reportedly slipped out of their school and entered a female dormitory at Komothai ladies secondary school.

On an unknown assignment, they arrived to Phoebe House, the girls' dormitory, and were immediately noticed by several students, who raised an alarm, bringing the attention of the entire school.

Guards, professors, and students from the school rushed to the dormitory right away to see what was going on.

According to Kenya's Directorate of Criminal Investigations, four men managed to leave as the dead were encircled by girls and school personnel.

According to the statement, "when they sensed danger, five of the guys managed to make their way back to their school, while the deceased was surrounded by outraged students and staff." They tragically descended on him, seriously wounding him and jeopardizing his life. Later, in Kigumo level IV hospital, the boy died of his injuries."

Detectives confiscated planks of wood suspected to have been used to attack the suspect after the incident.

Citizens have been urged by the police not to take matters into their own hands. They advocate for the accused to be given a chance to face justice in a court of law.

What are your thoughts on the fact that today's educational climate is becoming increasingly dangerous? As a reader, what are your thoughts on this story?

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