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A Woman caught in the mud this morning in the wrong yard


A Woman caught in the mud this morning in the wrong yard

This morning the village of Sepanapudi woke up to the unbelievable story. It was like a dream to the family of Mazibuko. The main secrets was revealed, even the secrets they never knew about. A 32 year old woman caught in the wrong house while she was doing her night shift job. She was going to visit the family of a grade 12 young boy who is more than smart at school. While the woman was skipping yards to the young boy’s house she got caught while skipping the last yard. Mazibuko is a christian family and the man of the house is a pastor, that’s the reason the woman got caught.

She was asked what she is doing in the yard naked, she then replied by revealing that she was going to take all the smartness in the neighbor boy. The community was surprised why she could do this to the innocent poor boy. She is well known of taking a good care to the community of Sepanapudi. Parents were taking her as a good example to their kids, now she disappointed the whole community. She revealed that what the boy is doing in class shouldn’t be better than what her kid is doing. When she was asked what she was going to do to the innocent boy, she replied again by saying “I was going to lock his mind till December”. People left speechless and started getting tires to burn her, she got lucky the police came for rescue.

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Mazibuko Sepanapudi


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