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Nigerian National Caught With Drugs Worth R100k

South Africa is undoubtadly the only country that has more foreign nationals in than any other African country, some come into the country to make an honest living while others are in the country to do nothing but get involved in criminal activities, they commit different crimes as their means of making money, they don’t really care about what they are doing tonthe country's citizens.

Nigerian have a bad reputation, they are known for being the Drug lords all around South Africa, especially in the Gauteng Province, in Johannesburg, they have taken over and they are literally owning that part of the country, they do as they please, they are literally the king of Johannesburg.

The Tshwane Metro Pice Department has made a huge breakthrough on Saturday morning, they managed to take one Drug dealer off the streets after they caught him in possession of a LARGE quantity of drugs in his car.

According to a report by Tshwane Metro Police Department, a Nigerian national was arrested on Saturday Morning after he was caught transporting drugs worth R100 00p, that contains drugs like Crystal Meth and Nyaope.

"On Saturday 16 October 2021, members of the Tshwane Metro Police Drug Unit arrested one Nigerian national male aged 30 for dealing and possession of drugs in hammanskraal. The TMPD members got a tip-off from members of the public about a white vw polo that was doing deliveries in that area, the vehicle was traced and the suspect was found with horoine(nyaope) and crystal meth with an estimated Street value of close to a hundred thousand hidden inside the vehicle,"the publication reports.

On the pictures, it looked like the man removed the rwgusration plate of his vehicle and cut off the part of his car to create a space to hide his stuff and put back the plates before he started travelling.


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