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Two Level 2 Weather Warnings have been issued for Today. Here are all the details.

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) has issued two weather warnings for today. These warnings will affect a number of locations. Below I will give you all the information regarding them as well as some tips to prepare.

Both of these warnings are yellow level two warnings. The first one will affect areas between Plattenberg Bay and Richards Bay this morning. The effects of which may be localized damage to Coastel infrastructure and difficulty in Navigating at Sea.

The second weather warning is for Port Elizabeth and Durban. The effects of which may be damage to informal settlements, transport disruptions and localized disruptions to beachfront activities. You can find the statements for each of the weather warnings below.

If you are in any one of these areas or are experiencing bad weather than I urge you to prepare. Here are some tips that you may find helpful.

I urge you to take any items that can be blown away or damaged by heavy winds into you home. This may include any lawn furniture, garden decorations or tools you may keep outside. Also bring any pets that you may keep outdoors inside as they may be negatively affected by the wind.

If you are driving during heavy winds, stay alert as there may be transport disruptions and you may have to stop quickly to avoid anything on the road. I suggest driving at a lower speed than you normally do and keeping a safe distance between yourself and the vehicles around you.

Finally check your local weather before you head out or send your children to school as it may get worst than you think. In that case keep yourself and your family indoors and only leave your home when conditions improve.

Bad weather can occur at anytime so I urge you to always be prepared for it. In order to protect yourself and your family.

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