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SA Man Says Shona Speaking Guys Storm his Home and Stole his Properties Including Pillows Case

The level of crime we are experiencing lately in South Africa is quite unbearable and keep us wonderingly what the future would look like if this issues are not properly dealt with. No day passes by without report of lawlessness in several communities within the country.

One noticeable thing about this whole criminal act is the fact that perpetrators of this heinous crimes are often immigrant living in the country, and this is one of the reasons fueling the agitation for the deportation of foreign nationals.

In an emerging report, a South African man living in Limpopo has narrated his ordeal in the hands of Shona speaking Zimbabweans that invaded his home.

The young man who bears the name Bluckness on Twitter said that a group of Zimbabweans speaking Shona language broke into his apartment and stole his property collectively worth 70,000 Rand. What broke his heart the most was the fact that these criminals also took his pillow cases.

He further revealed that only a few things were recovered from the Zimbabwean thieves after he traced them to their hideout alongside other community members.

According to his exact report on Twitter:

"Inhumane spirit is breaking into peoples homes and stealing from them. Shona speaking Zimbabweans broke into my house and stole my property to the tune of 70k. They took everything they could carry down to pillow cases. Only a few of my things were recovered when I traced them to their hideout in Limpopo. That’s inhumane".


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