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Joburg Carleton center on fire as taxi associations goes head-to-head

Carleton center on fire as taxi associations goes head to head

While you're here, please follow me!

If you were planning on going to Carleton center today (16/10/2021), you might want to postpone! Taxis are burning on Carleton center after an alleged commotion between taxi associations! What led to the rage is still sketchy at the moment!

On the image attached below, it appears that before the situation escalated into a burning spree, taxis were smashed weapons!

I think that associations need to find better ways of dealing with issues because taxi violence is so normalized that the heads of the associations rarely condemn it! As it stands, taxis are losing business to private transport businesses such as DiDi, Bolt and Uber and by being this violent, they are pushing their customers into finding other means of transportation that don't involve seeing a car you were riding on fire!

A few commenters connected this violence to the Somalian burning of taxis a few days ago. The commenters allege that taxi drivers are always fighting but barely burn taxis, claiming that it is Somalians who started the trend and have paved way for this dangerous behavior!

If this continues, more associations will get involved in the fight and this means that people will be held hostage because going to town when there's such violence means you're taking a leap of faith and sending yourself into an early grave. Whatever happens in the taxi industry ultimately trickles down to everyone because there are so many people who depend on taxis to commute from one place to another!

Let me stay in doors I wanted to go to Carlton Centre. @MusaShamase

I was on my way there when I saw the chaos outside Carlton and quickly turned back to the house @WayShembe

Truth remain is not about route thy just not making enough money at all cause foreigners are taxi drivers as well. There is not requirements to own or drive a taxi. Thy will kill each other without acknowldgin the real problem that lies ahead @Hoerang26

That is taxi violence at Carlton Centre. Nothing to do with Somalians bazalwane

 Are we gonna ignore the fact that Somalians are the ones who trailblazed (no pun) this type of violence @kul_marcus

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