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'This Is What The Police Recovered From 4 Zimbabwean Suspects

It is very concerning that the members of the public find themselves in such situations where they are being pointed at with firearms and told to jump out of their vehicles, because the perpetrators of crimes have come and they are trying to take the vehicle.

4 Suspects aged between 31 and 43 were arrested for business robbery and possession of suspected stolen items on 09/08 in Dealesville, the police are still conducting the necessary investigations in order to ensure that they can be able to apprehend the suspects with sufficient evidence so that they can hold them in jail for a very long time.

Their arrest follows after a tuck shop owner was robbed at gunpoint in Boshof, it is very unfortunate that these individuals are operating in the area and perpetrating all kinds of criminal activities that are terrorizing the ordinary members of the public we need to see more being done by the authorities to prevent any of these crimes from happening.

Fortunately enough these individuals were apprehended by the police but what about those other times when criminals are getting away with all their criminality, and causing a lot of uncomfortable situations in our society that is when we need to come together in order to read them out so that we can ensure that they are arrested.

It is clear that these individuals have been operational for a very long time and it is only now that have been arrested by the police, this is why we should ask our law enforcers to be very strict when it comes to dealing with criminals. They are clearly too much for Society these are the types of individuals we cannot have roaming around freely, and interacting with other members of the public because they definitely have to be placed Behind Bars.

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