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Umbutho attacks Nkunzi unexpectedly, see what will happen

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Apparently it seems like this might be the end of Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo as we all know that Umbutho gangs is planning to destroy him, hence they recently attacked him but they missed him with the bullet. You will remember that Nkunzi is also planning to enter the hostel and destroy Ibutho, but it seems like he might be a little bit late because Umbutho gangs already attacked him and killed an innocent soul Phelelani Xaba. Apparently Phelelani was enjoying his time with his girlfriend Nonkanyiso and Umbutho attacked unexpectedly Apparently you will remember that Sibonelo shouted out loud gun but it seems like Nonka and Phelelani did not know what was happening, hence the bullet that killed Phelelani was meant for Nkunzi. It seems like Nkunzi and his gang will need to pull up the socks and start an action because Umbutho seems like they are not going back, you will remember that Ibutho recently lost their member however they claimed that the blood is on Nkunzi's handWho do you think will win between Umbutho and Nkunzi?

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