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Celebrities Stand In Solidarity With Amanda Du Pont After She Exposed Jub-Jub For Raping Her

South africa is one of the most unsafe places to be,more especially for women. Women get killed and raped everyday like it's no one's business, and our justice system has time and time again failed to take necessary actions against perpetrators.

 One of the things that makes South Africa stands out from all the other countries is how South Africans practice the spirit of Ubuntu. If one of us is in pain or suffering, we all be there for them, even better yet, we put ourselves in their shoes and also try to help in whatever way we can. Again it does not only end there, if one of us is celebrating and thriving we also make sure that we celebrate them as if we were the ones in their shoes.

Amanda Du Pont has come out to the public and slammed Jub Jub of how he raped and abused her for two years. She did this in a lengthy Instagram video in which is where she detailed the when ordeal. Many celebrities have come out and showed her support and stood in solidarity with her in pursuit of justice.

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