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Mzansi was left in disbelief after a woman celebrated her 21st birthday: “Is this her real age?”

(Source: - @DreadyPrince)

Social media has been at it again as people have found it difficult to believe a post shared by a gentleman by the name of @DreadyPrince. This was another Twitter post that has gone viral as tweeps shared their different opinions with regards to the picture that was shared by @DreadyPrince wishing his alleged friend Bontle a happy birthday. This was meant to be one of those incredible posts whereby the birthday lady receives best wishes on her born day. At least that’s what the @DreadyPrince thought would happen. Little did he know that the opposite will happen. “Happy birthday to Bontle. Finally 21,” said @DreadyPrince on Twitter. The post blew up as it has over 

In most cases; women barely share their real age, hence, the saying: it’s rude to ask a woman’s age. At the same time, some women do publicize their age on social media. Unfortunately, not everyone will believe what they see online. Hence, Bontle didn’t get positive comments about her age, as some people went as saying that she’s pulling off a soccer age in public. “She is a soccer player,” said @IamCatchvibe on Twitter. However, people are forgetting that age has nothing to do with a person’s appearance. Truth be told, age is truly a number but what matters is self-love and enjoying life responsibly. Whether Bontle is 21-years-old or not, nobody knows except herself and people that are close to her. 

Looking at Generation Z though, it's visible that they’re growing up faster than Millennials and even Generation X. As they’re exposed to a lot of food that influence their growth, amongst other things. The Twitter community has shared their opinions on Bontle’s age. 

@Meneer_Lebohang said, “Sure she is 21 but milage is over 150,000kn.”

@Ham_Abra_ said, “Kante how old em I am starting to doubt myself. Ama 2ks are older than us seriously.”

@Tamaloya said, “21? Hai never.”

@giftkabelokobo said, “Kante diski age applies everywhere…”

@J_Wajoka said, “Didn’t you inadvertently use 2 instead of a 3?”

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Date: 21/10/2021

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