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Video gone viral: Zion Clark putting his disability to good use, is the fastest man on two hands

This guy has proven to be the fastest man on earth, going on his two hands. In this video he said he is ready to compete with anybody, not just people that have gotten the same disability with him, he is ready to compete even compete with athletes that have no form of any disability.

The way that this guy runs on his hands, you can see that he may not be able to compete against every normal person, but some of the normal people he can be able to compete against them and win. They are some of the normal people that can't beat this guy running on his two hands, while they are running on their legs.

So it is quite an inspirational that, instead of him sitting on the corner of his house or sitting in the streets asking for help from the people, he has decided to turn his disability around, he has decided to turn his disability to his advantage, in the actually fact his disability has become a source of income.

This shows that any person if wisdom is applied, can be able to turn any situation around. People are quick to ask for help, people are quick to go and sit in the corners of the streets with the plates asking people for help, just because they're blind, just because they have no legs, just because they have no hands, just because some of them are on a wheelchair.

I am not to blame those that are doing that, or all those that have got disability, but have not gotten a chance to be exposed for whatever talent that they have to offer or for whatever other things that they can do. I'm just saying it's very rare to find people with a disability to can be able to embrace this kind of mentality that they can turn it around for their good, that they can turn it around for their sake, and to their advantage.

This guy doesn't feel pity on himself, so he goes to the gym with everybody who is normal. He's developed for himself muscles on his hands that normal person cannot have. Maybe also it could be that because his hands are everything, he use them to eat, use them to work, he use them to walk, so they can develop muscles cause anything that he is doing requires them. So besides him going to the gym, his life is a gym already, but he is an inspiration.

There are people that are normal, that don't have anything that is short in their bodies. They can hear, they can see, they can talk, they can walk, they can touch, they can think, they can smell, and they can test, but just a small situation can make them to feel pity on themselves. A small situation can turn them to become burgers, normal people have become beggars just to feed their families.

They can't even improvise to say, let me go and do somebody's garden, let me go and ask for laundry, let me go and clean someone's house ,and let me help someone in the street with his or her luggage, let me go and wash somebody's car. All those things there are ways of being innovative, so this guy he does not have any of the things that we have, yet he is very innovative. Today he has become a world legend, showing us that all that you need in life for you to make it, it is not hands, it is not feet, it's not a mouth, it is not eyes, no ears, all you need is courage. With a courage you can make use of whatever you have, whatever talent that you have to put food on your table, or to feed your family.

This guy is an inspiration, after watching such a video, I really felt in my spirit that it's time we do away with self-pity. We're complaining over small situations, when somebody does not have complete limbs is such an inspiration, and that person is having courage to do whatever it takes to turn his life around. So we are just blessed to have all these things, but then we don't see it.

We are complaining about material things, yet this person without limbs, he can still be able to make use of that to have material things for himself. So let this inspire you, you can do all things if you want, all you need is courage.

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