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EFF On Hot Water After Mzansi Leaked RDP Which They Promised To Build In Sandton. See Pictures Here

EFF On Hot Water After Mzansi Leaked RDP Which They Promised To Build In Sandton. See Pictures Here

This the RDP house which is going to be built by the EFF. They are different and they are better. EFF is promising people to #VoteEFF On 1November.

We just realized that EFF keep using the same house over and over again to campaign EFF. Tweep has been asking different question about the party. Citizens has lost trust in EFF. It’s houses he built for his relatives in his village. Do u know any beneficiary of these houses? Or anywhere else other than in his village? That’s why we haven’t sent him or EFF making noise about them.

Tell me how the EFF plans to pay for this house? For 20 million people. First of all it is the ANC who promised people free RDP Houses and they are failing, it is the ANC that turned people who were working, who could do things for themselves and made them dependent to Government. They are the one who kept labor brokers (Slavery).

Have you ever asked yourself, how much tenderpreneurs take home when they get tenders to construct houses? Let's use our brains. Now imagine how much they're going to take home now that the EFF plasma to give them a bigger budget with bigger RDP projects. This shows the level of ignorance some of you all have. The EFF Government will do away with tenders. The state will have it's own construction companies, employing the masses.

Many people work pretty hard sweating and struggling to be able to reward themselves with such a nice house ekasi.What does that say for those people when others get it free? Free housing must be quality and decent. This looks fancy to be a free basic need. That is why people as a black people who have been disappointed by MYANC should see EFF as an alternative political party to bring back black people's dignity.

Bit again we should not expect to be free. Do you really think houses like these can be given away? Many middle class people would not be able to afford it. Its also going to be hard again to trust EFF. EFF is also dangerous with empty promises. People of the country should Vote for whomever you like but be real. Houses like that can be given away,houses like this cost R100k.00 i think we all know how this RDP like box match cost.

If its broken, you fix it. ANC have been given a chance and failed. So you give others a chance. EFF deserve that chance and see what they can deliver. People cannot continue to hope that ANC will deliver after failing all these years. If my memory serves me well I remember once in ETHEKWINI MUNICIPALITY there was a talk of rent to own plan, which meant they were going to build dignified houses. But you as a recipient was going to pay money back to the MUNICIPALITY by means of rent for certain period.

Some refuse to accept that EFF will keep their promised. Knowing very well that EFF is baby ANC, this will never happen should they win the votes.

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