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Just In| CIT Robbery In West Rand, Cash Van Bombed And Shooting Reported

There was a CIT robbery in West Rand, a c,ash van bombed. Reports of shooting. There's no day that goes by without a CIT Robbery not being reported, the rate of crime is getting out of hands and now this matter has to be handled strategically. CIT robberies have been going on for a long time, the fidelity officers surely know the patterns of these perpetrators by now and they must be able to identify them using past experiences.

The companies also have to change how they transport money if this method is not working because this is a strain to the insurance companies and our economy. Another thing is that in some of these incidents there are some people who get injured or lose their lives, this is making this job to be undesirable. No one will want to become a fidelity officer in future if such incidents keep on reoccurring therefore something must be done.

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CIT West Rand


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