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Are All Zulu Men Taxi Drivers? - Opinion

In the world, we have many forms of transportation that people use to get from one place to another, and South Africa is one country where people can use different modes of transport on a daily basis, paying different prices according to the location they might be in.

The types of transportation that exist on land in South Africa are vehicles. Taxis, buses, as well as trains, but one of the most used modes of transport is a taxi because millions of citizens in the country do not have their own personal cars, and most of them depend on a taxi to take them to the different destinations that they need to go to. Many citizens do not have a choice but to use a text service, and they also have different prices from area to area.

Unless in different areas, people of different types are taxi drivers, but in Gauteng, especially in the Johannesburg area, many of the taxi drivers who work in the industry are people who come from the Kwazulu-natal province and are Zulu men. Many people who have stayed with taxi drivers say that they do not want people to communicate in any other language, but men of the Zulu tribe have also been painted as taxi drivers.

But are all Zulu men taxi drivers? No, not all of them are taxi drivers. Some of them work in different industries, but even though the taxi industry might be dominated by them in some areas, it does not mean that all of them drive this mode of transport. The taxi industry also has people who are from different tribes in South Africa. In areas where a certain tribe dominates, the people of that tribe are the drivers of taxis. The stereotype of Zulu men as being taxi drivers is false.

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