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OPINION| The Zambian president speaks about a serious pandemic

Gender-based violence is a human rights violation and dehumanises the survivors, as a Government, we are committed to ending GBV by ensuring that women have access to economic opportunities. We have set aside over K700 million of the total constituency development funds (CDF) exclusively for women and youth empowerment. Let’s stand together and kick out GBV, God bless the women of Zambia ~ Hakainde Hichilema

That's great your excellency because indeed some of the causes of GBV is too much dependance on a man's pockets, hence when the man or husband is unable to provide it leads to squabbles which ends up in GBV. Thank you Mr President and GOD bless you for all the efforts. Women and children are very important in the world, infact every gender is important, everyone deserve better, thanks for standing for the women of Zambia and Africa. Your works to better the lives of all Zambians are so eminent your Excellence, I just wish the good Lord to continue providing good health for you the Zambian beloved President

Framing of gender based violence against women as a human rights violation implies an important conceptual shift. It means recognizing that women are not exposed to violence by accident, or because of an in born vulnerability. Instead, violence is the result of structural, deep rooted discrimination, which the state should address. Preventing and addressing gender based violence against women requires legislative, administrative and institutional measures and reforms, including the eradication of gender stereotypes

The problem is that the world is busy empowering and educating women, but no one is empowering men how to handle empowered and educated women. It will never end until equity and equality are fully understood, why is it that men are being sidelined and yet they also voted for change, I think this is very unfair we need a president who install rights fo all please

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