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'I hope I Do Not get Killed for being a Woman Today' A Sad Message for Women's Day

Date: 22/08/09


'I hope I Do Not Get Killed for being a Woman Today' A Sad Message for Women's day

Today is women's day and lots of people are celebrating this day with joy and happiness, but not every woman is celebrating this day.

Women are facing lots of difficult things and the biggest one is that most of them are being killed or raped every day in this world. South African women now live with fear because of men who don't care about them all they want is to certify themselves only.

A lady shared a picture on Twitter holding a board that is written 'I Hope I Don't get killed for being Woman Today. This shows that most of the women are not even celebrating their day today because of fear of being killed. People commented on her post and told her not to worry because God is with her.

Others were saying that they understand what she was saying and they also have fear because today might be their last day on earth. Here are some of their comments.


It is not safe for women to live in this world. Why do men keep doing this, what have poor people done to you to deserve this treatment. Today no woman can celebrate their day happily because of you. You have to stop this thing you are doing.

What do you think about this?

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