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Theft robbery

Meet The Gangster Coloured Couple That's Wanted By The Police

This couple is wanted for theft and if seen please call the South African Police Services to inform them of their whereabouts, they go BH the names Annie And Briston.

It is clear that this couple has grown in notoriety to such an extent where they have been terrorizing ordinary members of the public and taking advantage of their good nature, as you can see these are elderly people and you would never in a million years get the thought that they would be trying to defraud you.

When you're trying to deal with them and that is how many members of the public have fallen victim to their activities, and that is the unfortunate part.

But what we have to focus on right here is the fact that these individuals are going around perpetuating these robberies probably defrauding people out of their hard earned money, they are now being sought after by the law enforcers in order to be brought to justice.

Because they have been going around acting as if there is no law in the country but they forget that the Democratic Alliance is here, it’s people don’t like to play around the law they are strictly against anything illegal but we’re sure to get answers as time goes.

Dealing with this couple who is an elderly couple that is doing robberies where the police officers are wanting them on a very high note for a very long time in order to make an example out of them the fact that you are you can be going around committing robberies and perpetrated all kinds of panus activities.

Many members of the public are at a situation where they are falling victim to the perpetrators of crime on a regular basis and it is so unfortunate that our law enforcers are very much out of their depth, because of the sheer number of people that they have to deal with.

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