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EFF to build RDP houses in Sandton

Malema, talking at the party's 2021 political race pronouncement dispatch on Sunday, said the EFF was recognizing a "land parcel" in Sandton on which to construct RDP Houses. 

He said building the houses would advance incorporated human settlements, saying the rich and poor should live respectively. 

"The EFF will distinguish a land parcel in Sandton and we will construct RDP houses. We should not have spots of the rich and spots of poor people. We should unite you since you have a place together. 

He said EFF-run regions would likewise carry out a "property abundance charge" on every one of the individuals who lived in rural regions to sponsor essential administrations for poor people. 

Malema said previous EFF director Dali Mpofu would be the main "casualty" of the abundance charge. 

"Dali Mpofu will be the main casualty of the property abundance charge since he lives in Houghton. He should pay for a needy individual in a municipality and in the town," he said. 

"We will burden them, including myself. I stay in Sandton and I should pay the abundance assessment to finance poor people. That is the commonsense way that we can share the abundance of the country in light of the fact that the abundance of the region should be shared." 

This isn't whenever Malema first has pledged to construct houses for poor people. 

Recently, during a mission rally held in Gauteng, he asked individuals to enlist to cast a ballot assuming they need better houses rather than "matchboxes" without power. 

"You stay in a shack. You applied for a house since 1994 however you keep on deciding in favor of the ANC. Are you well in the head?" Malema inquired. 

"Our kin should have houses, not matchbox houses. Our kin's homes should even have entries. They should have inside washrooms and not resemble you are on an exceptional excursion when you are going to the latrine." 

He said when you give a "destitute individual a house, you are reestablishing the poise of that individual". 

In August, to remember Women's Day, Malema gave over homes to grannies in Polokwane, Limpopo. 

He promised the EFF would give "extensive" houses to all residents. 

"At the point when we say our kin should have quality houses, we are talking about ladies poise, as numerous families are ladies headed," he said at that point. 

"The EFF government will give such quality, extensive houses to every one individuals."

'No places of rich or poor, you belong together'- Malema wants to build RDP houses in Sandton (

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