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R.I.P. | They were on the way to rob a jewellery store and this happened before some got arrested

There are not enough job opportunities in South Africa, but that does not necessarily imply that one has to resort to committing illegal acts. Crime doesn’t occur owing to a single cause but is an extremely complex happening that is influenced by the culture of the place in which it takes place.

For the same reason, many activities that are deemed illegal in one country are legal in another. A case in point would be alcohol consumption which is illegal in Muslim countries but legal everywhere else. With changes in culture, people’s outlook towards what constitutes crime changes too. Fact is; committing crime can ruin your future. You can even die in the midst of committing a prohibited act.

In Pretoria 12 members of a robbery gang have been arrested. One was shot to death after a shootout ensued. There were on the road to rob a jewellery store but the SAPS got a tip-off and put a stop to their mission. They will now be put behind bars and get criminal records.

Owning a jewellery story is owning a lucrative but dangerous business. Theft and burglary are the greatest risks for jewellery store owners. The risks include break-ins where the inventory is stolen while the store is closed. Theft of items from the display cases are another concern and require the workers to pay close attention to customers.

Jewellery stores require surveillance systems to track customers inside and around the store. Doorway detectors alert the sales staff if a customer tries to steal jewelry during business hours.

Ways to prevent smash & grab burglary in a jewellery store :

1. Place merchandise in a safe or vault when closed to business. ...

2. Place customer repairs in the safe or vault. ...

3. Remove all jewelry from show windows at night.

4. Do not cover showcases. ...

5. Use UL-listed burglary-resistant glazing material on windows, doors and showcases.

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