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A Young Lady Left Mzansi Proud After Doing This For Her Mother Who Sells Food On The Streets

A young lady recently made everyone proud by doing this for her mother. The lady mentioned in her caption that her mother is a street vendor who sells pre-cooked food to make money. However, she was not present during the day because she was attending a funeral in Limpopo. The lady then decided to help prepare everything she would need in the morning tomorrow.

She cut the cabbage, baked scones, and even portioned out the chicken. She wants her mother to be able to unwind after the funeral and not have to worry about getting ready for work the next day.

People were blown away by how thoughtful the lady was. Some left comments saying that her mother is blessed to have a daughter who doesn't mind giving a helping hand. People have had a lot to say, and you can see more reactions down below.

Share your thoughts on the comment section. What do you think about the lady's situation and people's reactions overall?

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