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Despite Having No Arms And Hands, Check Out What This 23 Years Old Lady Does With Her Toes (Photos)

Although God made us in His own image, He formed us differently, and He provided us with the power to struggle and go forward in times of hardship, but we all know that not everyone can take use of that strength. The ability to go on, we've seen examples of individuals who sought to terminate their life because of their decapacity, is one important factor that faces handicapped people, which is why we should constantly celebrate those who are still happy despite their condition.

Kashmiere Culbertson has been an inspiration to countless handicapped persons for many years. This 23-year-old Black American girl was born without arms on the 12th of August of 1998. But most people find it difficult to accept because of her achievements.

Kashmiere has proved to be distinct and unusual since many others like her give up their lives, but Kashmiere opted to work hard to attain her ambitions.

Although she has no arms, Kashmiere hasn't gave up on life, started doing some significant things with her toes and is a pro today who teaches people how to accomplish essential things with their toes.

Most people don't know she has no hands, because she's pretty and quite proud of her appearance. A few years ago, she launched a YouTube television station that teaches people how to accomplish significant things with their toes and nowadays her television channel is quite renowned. She can cook, eat, drive, write and perform various things with her toes at such young age. Kashmiere is incredibly skilled and many people are proud of her accomplishments.

Now have a peek at some of Kashmiere's pictures of her life.

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Black American Kashmiere Kashmiere Culbertson


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