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Check Out:This Beautiful Lady Was Found Killed See What Happened To Her

Sexual orientation Based Violence is extremely high to a point where it has turned into a second pandemic in South Africa, an all around high pace of femicide has settled the score higher this year. 

Men have became creatures, the killings of ladies in the nation doesn't stop, this nation is gradually turning into an extremely perilous spot for ladies to be in, be it in the roads, openly puts and surprisingly in their homes. 

Ladies are manhandled and killed every day by men, generally by somebody they know or somebody near them, a man who should be the person who ensures them against such savagery. 

Its turning into a standard to catch wind of a lady being killed by a man each week, it would be an astonishment via online media if seven days passes by without patterns of a lady's name killed in the possession of a man. 

Its a tragic reality that the nation is turning into this, as of late, a 44 year-elderly person named Nokwanda Magugu-Patocka from Ginsberg, Eastern Cape. 

She was assaulted by a man she knew, he pursued her, tossed her behind him and conveyed her into the close by shrubberies. Where he punched, choked and hit her with an item against her head. 

When will it stop? What us ladies' wrongdoing? If it's not too much trouble, quit killing ladies. 

May Her Soul Rest In Peace. 


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