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Somalian owned Shops in flames in Gqeberha after peace negotiations collapsed

What is currently happening in Gqeberha is an act of terrorism and i don't understand why our government is acting so slow into such.

I love how this is exposing how useless the ANC is I’m sure the reason they not saying anything is because they were given brown envelopes. Party of brown envelopes.

These people are not here to seek asylum. They are here to take our land because we didn't take it. Our grandparents believed Mandela's con of Ubuntu.

no regards for blacks in this country, first Phoenix Massacre now Gqeberha, what annoys me more is the the so call Clever black will be mute, but when it comes to black foreigners...tyres will be burning nationwide. Just imagine if these were done by Nigerians of Malawian.

Foreigners are allowed to threaten police, but South Africans will be killed on a koppie for singing. The biggest problem is no longer the foreign enemy, it is South Africans (traitors & collaborators) who are helping & defending them.

I also think these Somalians have learnt that it is easy to attack black people without real consequences.

They learnt from Phoenix Massacre where heavily armed Indians attacked unarmed black people and the President applauded them as hero's.

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