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SAD|| A very nice house in Limpopo gets flooded

People in Limpopo have been trending for one good reason and that reason is that they build nice houses in their area. Most people from Limpopo have been sharing their houses on different social media platforms, on Facebook there are even some groups where people from Limpopo share pictures of their houses

But things went very bad for a certain family in Limpopo who recently found out that they built their house in a way in where water used to flow when there are heavy rains. After the non-stop rains we have been experiencing, the owners of this house started seeing a nightmare. In a video share on Twitter, we can see water flowing through the house

While some people felt sorry for the owners of the house, some people condemned them for their negligence. Most people felt like the owner of this house should have not built the house where he built it since it’s a water stream, but it has been a long time since we have experienced heavy rains like the ones we have this year

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