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Nigerian Man Who Was Kidnapping South Africans Finally Gets What He Deserves

Date: 24/10/21



The whole country of South Africa has always had problems with foreigners. The problems do not come from the fact that they are not South Africans but from the evil acts that these non-South African nationals do in the country.

It is common in South Africa that major drug dealers are Foreigners, Nigerians to be specific and human traffickers are also foreign nationals who came into the country illegally. One Nigerian man has finally got what he deserved after he spent many years trafficking South Africans.


It has been reported that a Nigerian man has been sentenced to two life terms in prison for two counts of human trafficking. This man has been trafficking young women in the country to be sold for sex work and other things. The following is a report from SABC news:

"The Hawks have welcomed the human trafficking conviction and long sentences handed to 38-year-old Nigerian national, Alaba Makonjuola Asabi. He was convicted on two counts of trafficking and sentenced to two life imprisonment terms."

Two life terms in prison mean that this man will probably die in jail because he can only be eligible for parole after 50 years of imprisonment. Many South Africans were very pleased with this judgement as they feel like it will slow down the number of illegal foreigners that come into the country to do crimes.


This is definitely a step in the right direction as many of these Nigerian citizens who came here illegally or destroyed the country. If it is not drugs that they are peddling what is human trafficking and indeed South Africans are very tired of such.

South African Police services need to make sure that more of these people are found and brought to justice as fast as possible. Laws also need to be created in order to make sure that foreigners do not flock into the country.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think 2 life sentences is actually a good enough sentence?

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