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Road Accident

SAPS Van's Horrific Crash Claims One Life

We always read about horrific accidents which are usually caused by neglegence from one of the drivers, people's lives are lost just because one driver decided to disregard the rules of the road, one mistake on the road leads to deaths, injuries where people are left crippled and they will have permanent scars which will always remind them of the fateful day of the accident.

The members of the South African Police Services are always driving their work vans recklessly, they are always speeding, perhaps it is part of their job that demands that they should always be on a rush and never drive normally without putting other road users' lives at risk, a police van was reportedly involved in a horrifc head on collision that claimed one person's life on Wednesday.

According to reports, one person was killed with other two sustaining serious injuries after a oce van reportedly crashed head on with a truck on the N2 at KwaShikishela.

It is Alleged that the van was trying to overtake a truck when the van collided head on with an On-coming truch and the person died.

"One person has been killed & two others seriously injured in a collision between a truck & a police van on the N2 at kwaShikishela near Mtubatuba on Wed. Police van was overtaking another truck which was partially driving in the emergency lane when it collided with the log truck," reports suggests

It is not clear if the person who died was on the truck or on the van, but common sense could oy tell that the I hired and the dead were inside the van since the truck is bigger than the van, it is all because of a one individual's decision to ignore and disregard the rules of the road and the rest is history.


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