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Thunderstorms developing in parts of SA at the moment, here is where and how to deal with it.

We have reports of thunderstorms currently developing in parts of South Africa at the moment. It's being claimed that this weather may be dangerous, remember to hit the follow button to stay informed as will be posting updates as soon as they are released. Here's all the details, as well as how you can protect yourself.

The possibly incoming storm :

News has just come in of developing thunderstorms over the Kwazulu Natal area of South Africa. According to the report multi cluster cells that are believed to be damaging, are developing over the northern coastline.

Other images also show the same storm, however this time it's being claimed that the storms could result in heavy rains, Hail, excessive lighting and damaging winds. Below are those satellite images.

While normally this would just be a claim, other images have come in from the area of Richards bay that show large hailstones. So while we do not know the extent of the storm, or how long it will last, here are some tips to take care of yourself.

Tips to take care of yourself :

Start by making sure aby part of your house that is susceptible to moving is safely tethered down. Do the same with things in your yard and bring in anything that may fly away. Next make sure you get home as soon as you can, if you can than you may want to leave work early. Also be careful on the roads as driving during bad weather can become dangerous so be extra cautious for other cars and obstructions. The best thing to do right now is to wait out the storm.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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