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Rape Obscene

Jub to lay charges over ’false and fake’ rape allegations.

I think that Jub Jub's victims are going to lay charges against him too. This week will be very interesting as there will be developments between him and the people that have said that they were abused.

Jub Jub is either insane or innocent! Whichever it is, the truth shall set someone free.It’s the right thing to do; and it’s long overdue from all parties.I can't wait for MacGs podcast .

There are real rape victims and there is this other group "bloodsuckers" the law must protect everyone.

I do not generalize, women like men are not all saints. That can not be overlooked, am worried and every other person should be,just a mere claim can destroy your years of hardwork and livelihood. I think the police should relook at the process of processing information on rape cases. If you are found guilty of lying about abuse, rape there should be a harsh prison time. And employees should only act once it has been proven in a court of law that a person is guilty.

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