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Road Accident

Pedestrian knocked while running across the road at R102. Mzansi left in pain. Photos|Opinions.

We having a picture that has been spread on the internet lately. The picture got the eyes of so many people that uses Twitter an other social media platforms. It's not anyone that can say they have seen this kind of things happening. We are all scared about what has happened. 

Photo: Facebook.

It's sad how we loosing our loved ones due to the road accidents. That's why it is very important for every driver to always observe, before they could start moving their cars. 

It looks like we are living in a dark cloud, because people are dying unexpectedly. I can tell that South Africa needs serious prayers, because lately we've been loosing people. 

Photo: Facebook

Sometimes it's those drivers that fails to obey the rules, because they will be rushing to somewhere an that's not how they should do. They must always know that they are not alone on the roads. 

We cannot afford to always see our loved ones dying that away. They law should start doing something about those drivers that drove onto pedestrians on the roads. 

They are killing the innocents souls on the roads, because they are not observing where they are heading with their cars. That car really shows that it was speeding. 

If it wasn't speeding, I can tell that the window was not gonna be broken that away. We should stop driving faster, where there are pedestrians because will drive on them. 

Photo: Facebook.

We must always think of the families of those pedestrians, because they are also human an they have feelings. We cannot always hurt people instead of making them happy. 

Some of the things are saddening because the come unexpected, an they are hurting us because we care most about those people. There is no one that would love when he hears this. 

We should always make sure they we take care of the rules of the road, because some drivers are foclrcing to speed up in townships, that's when they end up chasing people. 

I can tell that people that got into those kind of situations, are those ones that drivers as if they are in a competition or something. They don't care about the lives of other. 

We sending condolences to the family of a deceased, we hope they recover from a pain they caused them. They should just hold on an hope things will get better soon.

Photo: Facebook.

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Wear your mask everyday, an don't forget to wash your hands with sanitizer. 

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