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JubJub’s life and career can be destroyed again because of this. [Opinion]

It has been extreme for Jub as more skeletons are uncovered and apparently ladies are supporting Amanda Du Pont.Apparently Jub never figured the meeting with Mac G at the Podcast and Chill can annihilate all that he endeavored to regain.It turns out that another ladies, aside from the others that previously came out to uncover Jub Jub.Now there is an observer that professes to have witnessed all the occurrence to Amanda Du Pont and furthermore her companion.

A lady by the name of Kea Modikoe uncovered that without a doubt Jub used to supposedly manhandle Amanda Du Pont.

As per the observer, she dated Muzi the late companion of Jub and she used to encounter the maltreatment that Amanda Du Pont went through.Eventually the observer professes to have seen the Jub misuse Amanda Du Pont couples of times.Seemingly Jub used to manhandle Amanda Du Pont and the companion of the observer at once.The witness supposedly asserts that to be sure Molemo used to beat and assault her companion of which cause her to accept that it likewise happened to Amanda Du Pont.South Africans are stunned as they at last understand that there could be more ladies out there that experienced the maltreatment and reluctant to discuss it.

It is supposedly accepted that Jub assaulted his own cousin, Masechaba Khumalo and Amanda Du Pont.It is exceptionally upsetting that the issue has focused on South Africa and they are currently divided.Others think that it is difficult to accept that every one of the charges are valid and every one of the ladies simply need to demolish Jub's life.

After Amanda Du Pont breaks the silence about how she was badly treated by JubJub for almost two years, that has given a lot of women platform to can come out and their story and experience with JUBJUB.

And this might destroy JubJub’s career.


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