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Famous Traditional Healer Gives Julias Malema A Message

Ra, who is famomously know for seeing things that will happen in the future, for giving guidance and most recently for warning South Africa about Shona Ferguson's death, recently took to social media to share a message with Julias Malema.

In the short message he gave hope stating that all that Julias Malema wanted would pay off, he futher explained that no matter what happens, Julias Malema should remain resilient and stand strong.

His exact words were" Baba Julius Malema you my elder and I respect all my elders. Something is coming for you am asking you to be very strong for the days to come. Don't bend whatever they do to you. Your endurance will be rewarded by the ancestors of South Africa. 🌞🧘❤""

No one knows for sure what is he talking about or if if is true, however we will wait and see if the time of victory comes for Julias Malema.

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