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Check Out How This Pregnant Woman Is Being Transported To Clinic That Is Causing Stirs Online

Take a look at how this pregnant woman is being transported to a clinic that is causing a commotion on the internet.

When it comes to people who have truly benefited from the country's excellent infrastructure, those who live in metropolitan regions such as Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, and the major cities in the country's southern region come to mind. This is one of the reasons why some health professionals, teachers, and government employees refuse to be transferred to distant areas of the country.

Our leaders are mostly concentrated in Accra and other major cities, and they do not travel to our villages to learn about what is going on in their communities. Meanwhile, when it comes time for elections, they would use their V8 and travel across the muddy and woody road to visit the electorates and campaign for votes.

In accordance with a Facebook group titled Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang for 2024, the picture below depicts how some pregnant women are transferred to a clinic for medical attention. When looking at the photo closely, it appears like two bicycles must be connected together using wood. The pregnant women are then forced to lie between two bicycles, between two pieces of material that they used to cover themselves.

The president of Ghana has obtained 275 ambulances for each of the country's 275 constituencies, according to the Associated Press. It looks that the 275 ambulances are insufficient. Every district in the country will be required to purchase its own ambulances. Some of these people are typical farmers who provide nutritious food to those who live in urban areas, but the government has failed to provide adequate support to the majority of these people.

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