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SA Man picked up a Lost Wallet and what he Found Inside


In South Africa when you are a white person you have more privileges than a black person , its called white privilege.White privilege means that at work, a white person gets paid two times for the same job a black person is getting .It means that u can get a loan easily at bank , white privilege is getting a job with only matric while millions of black educated people with degree cannot even find internship.

When South Africa got independence in 1994 we thought that Apartheid which seperated people according to their colour was abolished .But it seems thats not the case .Apartheid is very much alive in South Africa and todays its branded as White privilege. A man found a lost wallet and what he saw inside the wallet left everyone shocked .see below.

The man found a card for white privilege. Basically with this card you access services and opportunities reserved only for white people .This is in South Africa people before you start assuming that maybe this happened in another country.With this cards your life becomes very easy while millions of Black south Africans are suffering in their own country ,and this card gives white people a free pass .

Its sad seeing things like these because this shows that freedom and the so called Rainbow nation was just on paper .It never materialised in real life.As a country we were fooled into believing that whites and blacks now have equal opportunities because clearly we dont .Black people have to work tens times harder just to have the opportunities white people have easily .

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