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Road Accident

Two Weekends, Two Dead Government Officials, What Exactly Is Happening?

Date: 23/09/21



It is known that death comes for everyone and anyone in the world. South Africa however has been losing one of its important leaders in the past few weekends. This has been a very alarming thing to happen more especially because all these leaders and government officials belong to the African National Congress.

Last weekend it was announced that the mayor of Johannesburg lost his life in a horrific car crash and no one fully understood what happened. This weekend again another government official has lost their life in another car accident.


This is becoming very alarming for many South Africans as they wonder what is happening with government officials and car accidents. It can be identified as a coincidence that two weekends in a row these government officials lost their lives in car accidents but there could also be something at play.

People are starting to ask themselves if it is reckless driving on the roads that is leading to these deaths. It is known that overspeeding is mainly the reason for fatalities in these accidents. If cars drove within the speed limit, most accidents would not lead to death.

The difference between the two accidents is that the mayor of Joburg was being driven and Khaya Somgqezi, who worked for the correctional services in the Eastern Cape was driving himself. The causes of the accidents however have not been revealed in detail. The country needs to wait until the investigations are don't and finished to know exactly what is up.


Some people have called all of this foul play. They believe that the car might have been tampered with in order for this accident to happen but that is highly unlikely. The conspiracy that government officials are being targeted through car accidents is something that doesn't fully make sense.

It is called an accident because it can never be predicted and what I can say about these two accidents is that they happen on separate occasions and in two separate places and people need to stop looking for a link that isn't there.

What is your take on the matter?

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