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Road Accident

6 People Die When Vehicles Crashed On The R71

A serious vehicle crash on the R71 at Letsitele-Letaba crossing , with multiple fatalities. 6 fatalities reported the whole incident is very tragic because the accident happened on the road while the vehicles were speeding and the fact that it managed to cause another accident from the other vehicles is the thing that is making people very worried about this.

Local motorists will tell you that they travel this route almost every week and people are recklessly driving they don't respect other drivers on the road, the R71 is high risk accident due to reckless driving and the police should deploy more traffic officials to be visible everyday on this route to avoid more fatalities unless they enjoy having crashes.

90% of the accidents on our roads are caused by human error, meaning that they are being caused by the actions of the motorists and nothing else which is a major concern because it clearly shows that the problem is not the road but the Motorists who are driving those vehicles.

It is high time drivers change their behavior and bad attitude while driving or else it will be RIP every week and what kind of life is that, a lot of people are really tired of the accidents that happen on the road because they understand the implications that they have in our Society.

90% of truck driver's work is driving and the attitude they come across on the road from other motorists is so scary, people are generally driving recklessly on the road as if it is something to even play with but this is not a game because the lives of people will be at stake.

As long our fellow drivers doesn't change their attitude, this will never end. We have seen many innocent ordinary members of the public get caught up in such accidents, and it has always become a serious questions that a lot of people have about the situation in the country.

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