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12 Undocumented Ethiopian Nationals Rescued From A House This Morning

In Johannesburg there are human storage places where new refugees are kept hostage in exchange of ransom money, this morning around 3 in the morning the SAPS raided one of these premises and you won’t believe what was uncovered. 12 hostages of Ethiopian origin were found at the premises, the suspects have been apprehended.

This smuggling of people has been happening in the country for a while right now however we can take comfort in the fact that it is not only in South Africa where we will find such activities being conducted, the unliveable state of the countries of the people who are involved in the smuggling has made it impossible for them to stay in their own countries and they were forced to flee.

Now we are the countries which happened to be relatively peaceful to those countries that are war-torn, our countries provide a stable habitat that is a favourable place to be. Because of this people around the world have taken to migrating in order to ensure that they survive and live prosperous lives, considering if their own countries have become unliveable.

The normal economic operations of a country are not conducted either because if the wars or other issues which are happening, now a lot of these individuals are being smuggled into different countries which are dubbed as possibly economically prosperous countries and this is why we are finding situations where these individuals are being kidnapped for ransom.

These individuals are not completely innocent in this regard, they get into agreements with these smugglers that they're going to pay them for if they happen to smuggle them across the country and when it's done the individuals come out clean and say that they don't have anything.

These are the things that are happening in the country there are some individuals who are even arrested because of it not even long ago we also saw another Somali national harbouring about 70 refugees at his house, this is just revealing the scale of the operations of these individuals and I’m sure if the South African Police Services can do raids in Mayfair Johannesburg, they’ll be able to come across a lot of these foreign nationals.

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