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PICTURE : SHAME, A man breaks down in the shop after he could not afford the milk for his kid

The picture of a man who just broken down after seeing that the milk for his baby is way too expensive is making rounds on Twitter. In this picture it this man can be seen tearful right in front of this expensive milk, and you can tell by looking at the picture that this man really wanted to buy this milk, but his financial status didn't agree with him, and you can tell that he was just feeling weak after seeing the price of the milk.

It is crystal clear that at this point, you have to think twice before starting a family because the COVID-19 has affected this country so badly. According to the report, there are more than 2.7 million people who have lost their jobs during the lockdown, with that being said, having a child when unemployed is a big risk. "what going through his mind?" Asked an influencer and people rushed into the comment section to share their thoughts.In the comment section, people were convicted that this man was feeling like a failure after failing to provide for his child "He feels like a failure that he can't provide for his kid" said a Twitter user. Some Twitter users were suggesting that mothers stop putting baby daddies under pressure and breastfeed their kids "The best solution would be breastfeeding... I mean it's free" suggested a Twitter user.

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