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Meet a Sowetan School Child got R40 million and took it to Police Station for a certificate.


30 November 2021

Assuming you figure God and Satan don't exist without a doubt after an account of an anonymous young lady that everybody is discussing you will definitely accept that the two really exist. 2021 has been perhaps the hardest year for everybody and a young lady from Soweto just looked at R40 million yet chose not to take the cash and help her family yet rather take the cash to police headquarters.

Mzansi is separated into two via online media after the breaking fresh insight about a young lady who got R40 million inside a pack to the cash to the police headquarters. As per the reports, the anonymous young lady said she wats to zero in on her investigations, not on the materialistic things like cash that she got.

The South African Police Station compensated the young lady for being a productive member of society for taking the cash to the state. Investigate the young lady remaining close to a cop just after she had taken the cash to police headquarters.

The inquiry is do you beleive she made the best choice by taking cash to police headquarters and assuming you were in her position would you have acted in an unexpected way.

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