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Married Woman Beat up Side Chick Heavily, Strip Her Infornt of Husband With No Mercy


Many people wonder why a woman will fight a man in the 21st century, well it happens in most cases especially when a woman has been fighting a man for so many years and now the man is rich and able to build buildings.

In a video of the virus being circulated on social media, the man deliberately called his pup to the side to visit him knowing full well that his wife was inside the room so this meant that the man planned to have his wife just beat the chick to the side.

When the chick finally reached the room, the man's wife began to beat and slap him, making the baby uncomfortable and choking in front of the man.

While giving birth to a baby chick, a married woman asked her to show it to a man but the chick refused but ended up being severely beaten.

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