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" A Rabbit Was Sent To Cast A Spell In That Yard " -Residents Terrified After A Sh0cking Discovery



Some people believe in witchcraft. In South African history, witches were burnt to death or removed from society, where they will not be recognized by anyone. The law states that people suspected of witchcraft can not be prosecuted because of a lack of evidence.


Today morning, a rabbit was found lying inside someone's yard today in the morning. It was wrapped in a cloth that allegedly belongs to a sangoma. Residents of Bochum suspect that the rabbit was sent to cast a spell on the particular home.

Public's Response

Some people believe that jealousy is one of the reasons why people partake in witchcraft. They believe that when one doesn't want to see another person succeed in life they end up bewitching their children to avoid them having a bright future ahead.

Author's Response

People consult a sangoma and ask them for muti to strengthen their home to protect them against evil spirits and those who believe in prayer should pray.

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