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Cyril Ramaphosa Has Delivered Bad News To Any Tavern Owner Found Selling Alcohol To Kids

Every South African citizen is aware of what happened at the club where 21 children died while celebrating pens down. The Enyobeni tagredy has been trending on social media because it is one of the worst incidents that has ever happened in South Africa. Some South Africans even wanted the tavern to be closed down due to the fact that it was found selling alcohol to children as young as 13 years old. Therefore this means that the actions of the manager or whoever owns that club cannot be justified because it is their duty to ensure that no children under the age of 18 years old enter the club.

Many parents have lost their children due to the fact that a club owner chose money over the well-being of children and now some people are blaming the parents forgetting that children will always be children. The club owners of her fiercely parents to a understand how children operate and I'm quite sure that they wouldn't let their children enter the club hence they shouldn't be letting other people's children enter too. Not every child listens to their parents and regardless of how the parents tried to raise them.

There are some children who are rebellious or choose to disobey their parents especially during teenagehood and there's nothing that parents can do. Therefore people should refrain from judging other parents but try to support them during this hard time. There's nothing worse than mourning and having to deal with negativity from people, it is quite clear that other people cannot sympathize but that should not be an excuse for them to break other people on social media. Sometimes it is important not to comment if you know that you are negative because at the end of the day what you say does not matter but to other people it can break them for their whole lifetime.

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