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Taxi Drivers Are Behaving Like Terrorists In EC, This Is A List Of Their Demands

Eastern Cape taxi drivers have issued a letter of their demands to the residents of the area if they want their relationship to continue harmoniously, which includes families going on vacation - they want them to carry a family photo when traveling in their private vehicles.

This is all in an effort to curb the e-hailing system which is taking ground in the area, the taxi drivers do not like the system because it cuts from their system and prevents them from making as much money as they can and that is something that they do look forward to.

Eastern Cape Taxi drivers' demands entail:

No more lift clubs, this means that they do not promote the use of personal vehicles in the taking and delivering of members of the public to places.

They also want companies to apply at taxi association for their staff transport, this is meant so that there is no confusion when people are being transported at night.

No more than 3 people in a private vehicle will be allowed, they want to be able to tell the difference between the vehicles which are transporting individuals and the ones which are mainly going to their destinations. It is clear that taxi drivers have captured the community of Eastern Cape, and they are holding them hostage.

They also want Families going on vacation to carry a family photo not older than 2 years as proof, this is clearly something that a dictator would do and the last time I checked we lived in a republic where everyone's right is treated equally and respected.

The taxi drivers have given the public only a week to respond to their demands or else, we have learnt that the taxi drivers are prone to violence and they're not afraid of showing their anger. There has even been outbursts of criminal activities where we saw taxi drivers burning and flipping over the vehicles of the e-hailing drivers, and then in several incidences we saw them assaulting the e-hailing drivers.

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