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Now they have moved from spikes to hanging metal bars on overhead bridges

To all the drivers, motorists across the country be extra careful about the new system used by criminals to distract drivers especially at night.

They are now moving away from using steel spikes and they are now hanging metal bars on the bridges with the intention of distracting drivers by hitting the windscreen.

It is believed that that when drivers hit the steel bars you will automatically come out of the way and that's where they confront their victims and rob them off their belongings.

The roads that are affected by this new hijacking method are mainly N4 freeway where alot of criminality has been taking place for years.

It strikes your windshield as you drive along and surely you will be scared maybe pullover and then they take your car. Or possibly swerve and cause an overturn or something.

It seems more thoughtful than dropping a rock into a car moving at high speed, killing the driver. Guess they just want the car without the hassles of removing a dead body.

I always wonder these things happen on the same spots all the time and I haven't heard anyone who was caught for doing this. You wonder is it done by ghosts or what exactly.

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