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Woman Shot By Her Lover After He Saw Her Whatsapp Messages But Mzansi Men Are Defending The Suspect


During the National address a year ago, President Cyril Ramaphosa said South Africa is dealing with two pandemics, and that is Covid-19 and Gender-Based Violence. Both pandemics have stolen many lives and wrecked homes.

Many women are in abusive relationships but instead of leaving and seeking help, they choose to stay, hoping that their partner will change and treat them better. Sadly, that is not the case. It is rare for an abusive partner to change unless he seeks professional help and works on himself. In most cases, you find that abusers were also abused during their childhood or experienced someone getting abused.


It has been reported that a woman got shot in Hillbrow yesterday after her partner found out that she cheated on him. According to several reports, her lover was snooping on her phone when he came across her WhatsApp messages and he confronted her about her side lover while they were on the streets of Hillbrow.

During their argument, her lover got angry and that is when he pulled out his gun and shot her, and walked away, leaving her on the street to die.

Public's Opinion

This has traumatized a lot of people across social media. Women are scared for their lives because hardly a day passes without a news report that a woman has been murdered by her partner. Shockingly, many men are defending the suspect. They say that they will not allow their women to cheat, and if their partners decide to be unfaithful, then death will be the price to pay.

Author's Opinion

It is a shame that there are South African men who are defending an alleged murderer. It is a known fact that most men cheat as they find it hard to stick to one partner, and in most cases, their women forgive them and stick around. Why is it that when a woman cheats, she must be killed?

Abused women should get out of their abusive relationships when they still have a chance. It is heartbreaking to hear about women who were always abused by their partners but stayed which led to their deaths.

The government must continue to fight against Gender-Based Violence. There must be serious consequences for men who kill women and children.

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