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I was raped this morning - Lady cries out

A lady shared the tale of how she was assaulted today

"I'm so crushed at the present time. Sweltering went after and assaulted in the first part of the day. You individuals are fearless."

The lady further added that she has opened a case and given her garments to the police. She uncovered that the pills they gave her at the clinic are not treating her well. They are making her hurl.

These pills are probably going to be Pep which are regularly required in the span of 48 hours of coming into contact with a potential instance of HIV. The pills are utilized to forestall HIV and can have entirely awkward aftereffects that are generally not hazardous. The secondary effects are at times so awkward that some pick to not finish the full multi day course and that can make the Pep not finish the work.

The lady later uncovered in a later tweet that she feels like she is flipping out when she is distant from everyone else.

Extremely miserable story. Find out others' thought process: hiv-prescription to-decrease risk/post-openness prophylaxis#:~:text=What%20Is%20PEP%3F,Every%20hour%20counts! post-openness prophylaxis-pep

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